VIC CCD finger joystick controller

A new video has been uploaded to the Enable Ireland YouTube channel.

The video shows a demonstration of the VIC CCD finger joystick controller. This is an input device for power wheelchair systems. As seen in the video the user’s finger is placed inside the opening of the controller and moving their finger in any direction will move the chair in the same direction. No contact with the device is required.
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Sean Loughran

National AT Training Service


    1. Hi Anton,

      Unfortunately, the VIC CCD finger joystick is now obsolete, the manufacturer HMC no longer exists. However, some of the HMC staff went out on to their own company mo-Vis and now produce some very nice light touch joysticks. Another similar product to the VIC CCD finger joystick is the Touchdrive2 from Switch-It. Although a light touch joystick may be a better option if you are finding the standard joystick difficult to use

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