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Foundations in Assistive Technology Course Accredited by Technological University, Dublin

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Enable Ireland’s Certified Foundations in Assistive Technology Course is a 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) course accredited by Technological University Dublin, through the College of Engineering and Built Environment. The course is delivered via 11 webinars. For further information/enrolment, please see link below:- Foundations in AT Course 2024 *NOW OPEN FOR ENROLMENT*

Learning with AT – Primary Education

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Assistive Technology (AT) can be the key to some learners’ success within education. An early and positive experience with AT while in Primary Education will equip the learner with the skills and attitude that will provide the solid foundation they will need as they progress through second level and beyond. This course is aimed at teachers, special needs assistants, parents and anybody else with an interest in harnessing digital technologies to support children in Primary Level education and create expert learners. 

If you are the parent of a child with a disability who might benefit from AT we invite you to use the code below to get 50% off the cost of this course.  We trust that this reduced fee only be used solely by parents to access this course.

September Lunchtime series – 25 mins daily:

Week 1: Specific iOS Apps for Communication, Choice Making and Visual Scheduling.

Covering: Sounding Board, ChoiceWorks, First Then Visual Schedule, Book Creator September Lunchtime Series Week 1 information/enrolment

Week 2: Overview of assessing for educational support tools

*These workshops are designed to give those assessing Service Users/Owners baseline knowledge of the products listed below*.

Covering: Dragon Naturally Speaking, TextAid (online tool), TextHelp Read and Write Gold, Splash City Maths September Lunchtime Series Week 2 information/enrolment

Grid Workshop(s)

4 Separate Workshops. Duration 45 minutes each

Covering: Access methods, Grid for Communication, Grid for Education/Computer Control, Grid for Accessing Apps (phones, social media, environmental controls) Grid WorkShop(s) information/enrolment

November Lunchtime Series

Getting the most from your mobile phone

Covering: Android & IOS – Managing your Phone, Accessibility Features, Access, Literacy/Vision Supports etc November Lunchtime Series information/enrolment


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Christmas Series

20th – 23rd November: We’ll be looking at accessible toys, books, gaming systems etc

*more details to follow*

Shirley Deakin

AT Administrator

National Assistive Technology Training Service,

Enable Ireland, Sandymount Avenue, D04 T959


Tel: +353 87 7517193

See the calendar above for the full list of events

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