At Enable Ireland, we take copyright very seriously. Please get in touch with us if you come across any content on our website or blog for which you are the rights holder and for which you believe we do not have the appropriate permission to use. In your message/correspondence, kindly advise why you think we may have misused an image and provide us with information that you are the rights holder/have the authority to act on behalf of the rights holder. If, for any reason, we have made a mistake, we will gladly put it right.

Our approach to copyright queries

We aim to respond fairly, reasonably and in a timely and professional manner. Copyright queries are confidential, but we may, if necessary, involve third parties to understand the issues and investigate fully. We record all serious copyright queries. We use their outcomes to monitor the performance of our service providers and identify where we can improve. Our practice in dealing with copyright queries is consistent, whether the query is made directly or through an agent.