Accessible Apps, Games and Toys

Enable Ireland’s National Assistive Technology Service has gathered together information on a range of accessible toys. It includes a variety of accessible games, apps and toys. These are not recommendations but simply a selection of items which may be of interest, particularly at times such as Christmas and birthdays, when presents are high on the list of priorities.

Available here  Accessible-Apps-Games-and-Toys (Word document)

Enable Ireland and Disability Federation Ireland Launch Discussion Paper on the Future of Assistive Technology

Enable Ireland and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) launched a discussion paper on Assistive Technology (AT) for People with Disabilities and Older People. Ireland has an underdeveloped Assistive Technology infrastructure in comparison to other countries, and the paper outlines a vision where everyone with a disability and older people has access to affordable, up to date and appropriate technology that suits their needs.

Further information here

Download discussion paper