Apps for Children with Autism

This list is focused on apps that might be useful for parents of and children/teenagers with Autism. We focus on Alternative and Augmentative Communication, visual schedules, school timetables and communication, social stories, overstimulation, turn-taking and sleep. Hope you find them useful!

Communication (AAC)

There are a large range of Alternative and Augmentative Communication apps available; the ones mentioned here have been specifically designed with children with autism in mind. It is not an exhaustive list.


The Grace app is designed as a picture communications system, without voice output, where the user can put together short sentences to express their needs.

iOS only    

Paid app, approximately €33


Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) app, designed to work alongside a PECS communication book, that introduces a dynamic screen display option.

iOS only                                                                                       

Paid app, approximately €4.


Designed as a follow on to a PECS book after achieving phases I to III, it is a high tech, voice output version of the PECS book, with voice output, dedicated sentence starter pages and the ability to construct sentences. 

iOS only                                                                                     

Paid app, approximately €49

Avaz AAC

Flexible AAC app, that comes pre-programmed with three levels of vocabulary. Uses a core and fringe layout with colour coding and can be personalised. Also has access to a keyboard page.

iOS and Android                          1

4-day free trial. Options to subscribe or pay a lifetime fee (approx. €110)

LAMP Words for Life

LAMP Words for Life uses a semantic compaction layout (where picture symbols are combined in different orders) to access vocabulary. It has paired this idea with motor planning, so create a consistent system to use and develop communication skills.

iOS only                         

Paid app, approximately €270

Other apps, not specifically designed for children with Autism, but might be suitable include: Proloquo2GoClicker CommunicatorGrid for iPadSnap Core FirstGoTalkTouchChatCoughDropTippyTalkScene and HeardChatableSounding BoardVoice4u,  LetMeTalkiComm.

If a child has literacy skills, apps that may be appropriate include; Proloquo4textPredictableClaroComSpeech AssistantSayIt!VerballyQuick Type AAC.

Social Stories/Modelling      

LAMP Words for Life

Create and read stories using a combination of pictures, videos, text and voice recordings. Uses AutoDraw, an AI-based tool that will help with drawing, by comparing your drawing with a bank of illustrations. Can store books in libraries and share for collaboration.

iOS and Chrome

Free trial version (Book Creator one) and full version approximately €5.50

Social Story Creator & Library

Create social stories using pictures text and recordings. Can purchase pre-made stories. Easy to print if a hard copy is required.

iOS only

Free, In-app purchases


Create and share talking stories, talking photo albums and visual schedules, using pictures, videos and voice recordings, using recorded speech or synthetic speech.

iOS only

Approximately €21


Create stories using a comic book strip layout. Includes stickers, text, and can source content from Facebook and Flickr, as well as your own pictures.

iOS only  


I Get…/iCreate…

Series of premade social story apps that can be customised for individual users. Titles include: my day at school, going to the hospital, going to a restaurant, going to parties, community vocabulary

iOS only

Each app priced separately, approximately €2-6 each

Social Adventures

App for teaching social skills and friendship, including initiating and maintaining interactions, advocating, interpreting non-verbal cues etc.

iOS only

Approximately €9

Video Modelling Apps

Model Me Going Places

Short video stories featuring children in community settings, to be used as a peer modelling tool.

iOS only, other resources on website                                                   


iModeling – video modelling

Easy to use video modelling tool, that can use premade footage or specifically recorded video, edit and deliver video social stories, relevant to individual users.

iOS only–-updated

Approximately €11

Everyday Skills

Includes activities on Community Skills, Personal skills, Transaction and Transportation skills, using step by step multimedia content.

iOS only

Approximately €33

The Social Express

Uses animated characters to create interactive lessons on social skills and problem solving.

iOS only

Free, In app Purchases.

Visual Schedulers/Planners 

Functional planning system

Cross between a calendar and a visual playlist, it will give video demonstrations at predetermined times and can be done in a step by step manner. Over 4500 prerecorded videos in 9 life skill areas. Need to sign up online, but can then view on phone/tablet

Subscription-based, Approximately €60 per year for an “at home” licence

Plan it, Do it, Check it Off

Fully customisable visual checklist, with picture and audio support. Can also be used for step by step instructions. Pre-made templates included.

iOS only

Subscription, approximately €65 per year.


Designed for carrying out chores, it is easily adapted for carrying out any set of tasks such as dressing, making a sandwich etc. Pictures and text can be used and each step ticked off as the individual progresses. Can be used to accumulate stars for a reward

iOS only

Approximately €5.50

Visual Schedule planner

Can be viewed in a daily, weekly or monthly mode. Use images, videos and sounds to set up schedules, with checklist and timers. Also can be used for reminders

iOS only                                

Approximately €17


Includes a schedule board and a waiting board. Includes an image bank or you can import your own, and attach audio. Items can be moved to a done column when completed. Waiting boards use a timer and a visual reminder of what options are available while waiting.

iOS only

Approximately €11

ChoiceWorks Calendar

A child-friendly calendar that uses images, videos and audio to help plan and organise time. Easy to add reoccurring events. The setting of notifications and alarms possible.

iOS only                      

Approximately €5.50

Visual Timer

Simple visual timer that uses a clock face and a countdown bar to show the time left. Colour changes to orange and red when time is running out.

iOS only


Approximately €2.50

First Then Visual Scheduler/HD

Easy to use visual scheduler that comes in a basic and HD version. Both use visuals to create a schedule, but the HD version includes the ability to add choices and add a timer.

iOS only 

Basic version Approximately €11, HD version approximately €17


Parent, teachers and carers can create and send schedules to the child’s device using a web tool. Uses images (restored or your own)  with notifications and a visual colour tracker to estimate time to completion

iOS and Android

Free 30-day trial, subscription of approximately €15 per month

Turn Taking        

Take Turns Timer

A visual timer app that encourages children to take turns and share toys, using customisable avatars. Notifications possible even when it is running in the background.

iOS only                                                                                      

Approximately €3.50

Turn Taker – Social Story and Sharing tool

Provides visual and audio cues for turn taking and sharing. Also has a social story about sharing and the feelings that may occur.

iOS only                                                       

Approximately €3.50


Bedtime Meditations for Kids

Designed by a Montessori teacher, these stories have subtle background music and sound effects to help with drifting off to sleep. Also marketed as Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep & Calm in the Android store

iOS and Android

€5.50, free variation also available.

Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

           An app with stories, sounds and music designed to help bring sleep, using the voices of famous actors, gently rhyming words and phrases and repetition. Also includes mindfulness activities.

iOS and Android

Free, with in app purchases

Timetable/School Communication Apps        

Pocket Schedule Planner

Helps keep track of classes, exams and assignments. Can use colour and icons for at a glance information.

iOS only

Subscription based, from €2 per week, €13 per year


MyStudyLife to Organise your classes, tasks and exams logo

Timetabling and scheduling app. Cross-platform, free for students, but schools can pay for cross-school access. Uses checklists, colour coding etc.

iOS, Android, Web


MyHomework Student Planner

Simple interface to track classes, assignments, homework and exams. Cross platform. Can link with to download notes, files etc. Can receive homework reminders.

iOS, Android, Windows and web apps     

Free and premium versions (€5.00 per year)

Class Dojo

A simple  communication app for teachers parents and students, using messages, video and photos as well as creating digital portfolios

iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

Basic version free, Subscription for premium version

Managing Over-Stimulation          

Too Noisy

Monitors noise levels in a classroom or elsewhere, to avoid over stimulation, through the use of colourful graphics to show when sounds have become unacceptable.

iOS and Android

Basic version free, Pro version €5.50

Too Loud – Noise Meter and Timer

Set the noise level and a timer to encourage children in a class to keep noise below a pre determined level through the use of graphics and colour.

iOS and Android


Sensory apps

Range of sensory apps to help with relaxation and overstimulation, including Lava Lamp, Imeba and Electra apps

iOS, Androd, Web, Chrome


Miracle Modus

Designed to help with sensory overload, by providing strong visual stimuli that move in predictable patterns.

iOS and Android