Switch-It alternative drive controls

Switch-It drive controllers

Switch-It drive controls for powered wheelchairs have recently been introduced to the Irish market. These new products can help an individual achieve mobility through alternative drive controls.  Switch-It products work with major manufacturers expandable wheelchair electronics such as PGDT R-Net and Pilot Plus, Curtis, Quantum’s Q-Logic, Dynamic DX and DX2.
The company has developed both new switched and proportional drive controls.  Their switched drive options consist of head arrays in a number of styles, a lap tray with built-in switches and various sensors for the rehab provider to customise a solution. Their proportional drive controls consist of a touch drive control similar to a capasitive touchscreen, a mini joystick that requires minimal force, and various other interesting solutions.
These alternative drive controls for powered mobility are well worth considering if the standard joystick method of driving is not suitable.

Sean Loughran
National AT Training Service

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