This site is dedicated to Assistive Technology (AT) and aims to raise awareness of the various technologies and resources that are available.  AT typically can assist an individual in performing tasks such as reading/writing, independent living, self-care, mobility or even leisure activities.  It is a constantly changing area with new exciting technologies appearing.  These new tools provide a greater choice of solutions.  Being well informed around the various technology solutions will help an individual find optimal solutions to their needs. Discussion is open to anyone with an interest, so please read, learn, and contribute (Enable Ireland, National Assistive Technology Training Service).

The author of the site is Enable Ireland’s National Assistive Technology Training Service.  The service consists of a centre based in Dublin and local technical supports located around the country. The training service aims to build capacity in Assistive Technology (AT) at a local level, through staff, families and service users themselves.
The service also provides a range of training opportunities, from a Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) accredited Introductory to Assistive Technology course, to customised specific topic or product training.

For further information see our webpagehttp://www.enableireland.ie/at


  1. I have question about a vehicle seat that swivels out can I get the kit for a highlander, Toyota 2014 can you please call me

    1. Hi Wendy,

      It’s best for you to make direct contact with the supplier yourself
      The Turnout is a swivel seat designed for those who find it difficult to enter a vehicle or make a transfer from the wheelchair. Installed as a layer between the vehicle’s floor and the car seat the Turnout enables the car seat to be rotated facing outwards.
      Also, make contact with you local Toyota car dealer in relation to the compatibility of this product with your own car?

  2. To whom it may concern,
    Good afternoon,
    I am a person with disability and I am from Malta.
    I use my computer and laptop with eyegaze.
    You know an app for control my Smart Phone by my eyes on Android phone? Please.
    Kind regards Kurt Micallef

    1. Hi Kurt,

      There is limited eye gaze control in Android with Look to Speak App for Android. Although described as an eye gaze access method, it is not what we associate with true eye gaze – the user does not look at the phrase directly for selection. Instead, the inbuilt smartphone or tablet camera is used to interpret if the user looking to the left or right in an exaggerated motion. An elimination system is then used, where the user gradually narrows down the range of options (phrases) available until only one remains. This is then spoken aloud using the Text to Speech settings of the smartphone or tablet.

      Read our blog post on Look to Speak App for Android – controlled by eye movements – ATandMe



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