Talking Graphic Calculator

A talking calculator can be suitable for someone who cannot easily read a standard display on a calculator.  These calculators usually read out the keys that are being pressed as well as read the results as they appear on the screen.  The same standard features and functions are also available as with any other typical calculator such as scientific calculations using algebra, trigonometry, or calculus.

ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator

A new calculator recently out is the ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator from Orbit Research.  It consists of a compact accessory that is attached to the top of a standard TI-84 Plus calculator.   This enables full access to all menus, expressions, text, and symbols displayed on the screen.  It has a synthesized voice that reads out all textual and symbolic information on the LCD screen, as well as each key-press.  The user can select between a choice of speech rates and voices.

Graphs can be explored using a special in-built program called SonoGraphTM that provides audio and haptic feedback.

Current price is just under $600.

Seán Loughran,

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