World Autism Month – Discounts

April is World Autism Month, and many suppliers of apps and software (AAC and education in particular) offer fantastic discounts for a limited period during this time, usually the first week of the month. We have rounded up some discounts that we have become aware of below, but please do let us know of any more you come across, and we will add them to this post on our AT and Me blog site.


Assistiveware are offering a 50% off the following iOS apps:

  • Proloquo2Go (Symbol Based AAC app),
  • The Gateway vocabulary (Symbol Based AAC app),
  • Proloquo4Text (Text Based AAC app),
  • Keeble (assessable onscreen iOS keyboard),
  • Pictello (a book maker app, useful for social stories, literacy support etc.)

They are also discounting their Mac apps and online learning courses.


CoughDrop, an picture based AAC app, available across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows as well as web browsers, are offering 50% discount on a lifetime account (normally $200USD) , April 5th – 9th 2021. This is not on their website at the moment, but they have announced it though their social media.


Avaz are also offering a 50% discount on their apps from April 1st -15th 2021, which include:

  • Avaz AAC (Symbol Based AAC)
  • MDA Avaz Reader : Education app that enables struggling readers become independent readers using research backed strategies.
  • Avaz FreeSpeech : English Grammar teaching app

Speak for Yourself

Speak for Yourself are offering 50% off their flagship app, which normally costs $299USD from April 1st -8th2021.

PRC/ Liberator

PRC/ Liberator are also offering a 50% discount on their popular Lamp Words for Life iOS App from April 2nd to 8th 2021 (normally €270)


Choiceworks have also a 50% off discount on their iOS apps:

  • ChoiceWorks (Picture based communication and choice boards)
  • Choiceworks Calendar (Picture based routines and scheduler)
  • Choiceworks Bundle (both apps)

They will be on sale with 50% off March 30-April 6 2021


TherapyBox have also offered at 50% discount on their apps, from the 30th March to the 6th April 2021 including:

  • Predictable (text Based AAC)
  • Chatable (Symbol based AAC)
  • Scene&Heard( Scene based AAC app)


WordToob have offered their language learning and video modelling iOS app at a discount, for all of the month of April 2021

Alexicom Tech Elements

Alexicom Tech Elements will be providing a 50% off all of their iOS AAC apps from the 2nd to the 5th April 2021 including:

  • Child /teen/adult Home
  • Child preschool/school
  • ER/ICU/rehab unit
  • Story Maker

Talk Suite Pro

Talk Suite Pro have also dropped the price of their app from $220 to just $70 (66%) off from April 1st-15th 2021, and a 50% off for the remainder of the month.

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