HouseMate: SmartHome Control

I use a product called HouseMate. This enables me to control all features in my apartment such as curtains, lights, doors, TV and music systems. The system is an infrared device which transmits the signal from an app which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. I use the system frequently every day to help me manage my daily living. It is invaluable to me as I can manage almost everything with the click of a button. Also when I am alone I feel safe as I know I can contact the outside world if I need to.

Depending on the level of your disability, it can be used with a buddy switch which scans the app alternatively, it can be used with a wheelchair joystick or you can simply use the touch screen directly, like using all apps on your phone.

 I personally use the buddy switch as I have limited mobility.  After a little bit of practise it is easy to use and very efficient. I like the fact that I can go online to check the internet, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and other apps of interest. Another great feature is you can make and receive calls using the app. It is possible to speed up the commands when you get more accustomed to using the program. I have mine set at a high-speed meaning I can navigate very quickly. It does take practice but when you get used to it you can gradually move to a faster level.

 Since using this app for a number of years, it gives me greater independence, I am not relying on anyone to do simple tasks. It is great being able to use my smartphone independently and checking info etc. like the majority of our population. It is very reliable and I have had no major problems with it over the years.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs assistance. It is particularly good when using the Internet and general phone usage. If you would like to find out more about HouseMate please see link:

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