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Portable applications are programs that are designed to run on a computer in a way that doesn’t modify the computer’s configuration information.   These types of applications can be stored on any storage device storage such as USB drives.  They offer a portable solution as programs can be run from  any computer without installation.

Using portable apps can be useful if you need to carry all your favorite programs, your browser bookmarks, and custom settings to whatever computer you want to work with.  This can be useful in a school environment.

A good source of portable apps is called EduApps.  EduApps covers a range of apps to support computer access, writing, reading and learning.  These apps are based  and consists of eight useful software collections that are free for you to download and use. http://eduapps.org/

Another good source of portable apps is PortableApps.com.  There are a number of Apps for  Accessibility and Education.  http://portableapps.com/apps

Sean Loughran
National AT Training Service

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