Students who have difficulty writing

Just found out about and this app called SnapType for the iPad. I played with it last night and just want to give you a bit more information.

What is it?

Take a picture of your worksheet and add text to it.

What to do?

  • Open up the app and take a picture of the sheet you want to use.
  • Tap where you want to add text. A yellow square appears. Touch the square and the onscreen keyboard will appear (or use the external keyboard).
  • Start typing (the yellow square will grow in width as you type).
  • If you want to increase the size of your text, you will see a horizontal line on the screen with a slider (white circle). Slide it to the right to increase font size.
  • You can also tap and then drag to move the text box to another area.
  • Just like other photographs you can increase size by using two fingers.
  • To save work press the iPad home button and power button at the same time (screen catcher). This saves as a photo on the iPad camera roll.
  • Thus, you can not save it in Pages, for example, in your “History” folder, but you can add the photo to a blank page in Pages and save it.
  • To start over again, turn the iPad face-down for 2 seconds. The photo will disappear and you can take another photo of a worksheet.

worksheet with inserted text box

On the left I just did a little example by showing you how I added my name to a form. It is actually ideal for people who can’t fill in forms.

** TIP: When taking a photo, make sure the camera lens is at the top and the home button is on the bottom. Otherwise the onscreen keyboard come down “upside down” and unfortunately the image does not rotate as apps rotate.

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