Raising the Floor continues to grow

Raising the Floor

Raising the Floor (RtF) is an international coalition of individuals and organizations working to ensure that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to people experiencing accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, or age. Of particular concern are those that are underserved or unserved due to the type or combination of disabilities they have, the part of the world they live in, or the limited resources (financial or program) available to them.

Their goal is to raise the level of access technology (the floor) that is available to everyone, and to create an infrastructure to facilitate the development, distribution, and support of a wider range of more affordable accessibility solutions internationally.

Their work includes projects such as:

Creating the infrastructure to make delivery of solutions possible, affordable. GPII

Highlighting those who are raising the floor on what is available and affordable Spotlight

A central location for people looking for projects they can work on that would raise the floor of ICT accessibility for all. Challenges


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