An iPad setup in switch access and a finger pressing a puck.js


PucK.js is a programmable Bluetooth sensor and switch.  You can customise Puck.js with JavaScript using a Web Browser.  Puck.js comes with Bluetooth low energy, accelerometer, gyro, 3 axis compass, temperature sensor, IR and NFC.

The Puck.js is affordable, and power-efficient – allowing it to run for a long time on a coin cell battery (up to a year).  It has a diameter of 33mm and a height of 15mm.  It can be paired to Android, iOS and windows.  Puch.js is one of a number of microcontroller Espruino boards.

Although Java Script may be hard for the beginner or non-programmer.  There are a large number of tutorials on the Espruino website which contain a range of hardware projects that can be created with Espruino-based microcontrollers.

One very useful feature of this product is that it can be set up as a Bluetooth keyboard and emulate a keyboard press including multimedia keys.  So this can be used as part of an assistive technology solution to support someone with a disability when used with other assistive technology software.  The video below shows a number of examples of what can be done.

The good:  The puck.js is affordable at £30, wireless and power efficient.

The not so good: Requires knowledge of JavaScript programming to set up the puck.js

The verdict: The Puck.js can emulate a Bluetooth keyboard and this opens it up to use as part of many assistive technology solutions to support someone with a disability.

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