Window-Eyes join forces with Microsoft

Window-Eyes is a customizable screen reader for computers running Microsoft Windows. It enables individuals who are blind or visually impaired to independent use a PC. As well as reading the text the screen reader will read menus and icons and facilitate the user to navigate around the computer screen.
Window-Eyes has now joined forces with Microsoft and if you have a licensed version of Office 2010 or later, you can download Window-Eyes it free from their website. It is available in multiple languages.
Available from GW Micro

Sean Loughran
National AT Training Service

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  1. Hi there, I am a JAWS user on laptop and use voice over on idevices.
    Downloaded Window-Eyes this morning and have been working on laptop with this software ever since. It has the usual quick install or step by step customisation. One quirk I found was the need for virtual PC cursor to initiate certain features during set-up.
    I have found no major differences yet, will post again when I have used it across a number of different programmes.

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