New one-handed TiPY Keyboard

The TiPY keyboard is a one-handed wireless keyboard, with an integrated thumb joystick for mouse control. Designed in a fan shape to better accommodate a flared finger hand posture, it comes with a number of unique and functional features, not found on other standard or single-handed keyboards. Launched in 2021, it follows 4 years of research.

 a one handed wireless keyboard, with an integrated thumb joystick for mouse control. Designed in a fan shape to better accommodate a flared finger hand posture

First of all, the TiPY can be used either by right or left handed users, simply by removing the contoured wrist rest and turning over the keyboard. The change from right to left-handed layout takes seconds. As an assessment tool, this is a useful feature, in that two separate keyboards are not required for trialling purposes.

The left and right layouts are mirror images of each other, but the letter placement is very different to a standard QWERTY layout. It has its own typing tutor to help people gain the best output in terms of rate and efficiency of movements, and unlike standard keyboards, it does not look for the typist to place the fingers on a “home row” of keys. Rather, suggested finger placements are spread over two rows, which helps keeps fingers in a more neutral position, taking into account differing finger lengths. 

A hand resting on a one handed wireless keyboard, with an integrated thumb joystick for mouse control. Designed in a fan shape to better accommodate a flared finger hand posture

The joystick mouse is placed so that it is in an optimal position for use by the thumb, with left and right mouse buttons placed alongside (marked “L” and “R” in the image above), and a toggle scroll button. The joystick is very responsive, although it was necessary to move my hand closer to it to operate it, moving fingers from the home keys.

All the usual keyboard functionality is available, such as using the main keyboard for numerical input. However, some buttons are in a very different position to where they are on a standard keyboard, for example, the space and enter key are below the mouse functionality. One issue is the placement of the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys, often used for logging into computers/accessing task manager etc – the Ctrl and Alt keys are accessed on one side while the Delete key is on the other extremity, making it near impossible to press the keys concurrently if you have standard sized hands. This could be solved by using the inbuilt Sticky keys function in the accessibility settings on Mac and Windows products.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth or through a USB cable, also used to charge the keyboard. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux, and has support for multiple languages.

The good:  Thought has been put into its ergonomic design and versatility, and the online typing tutor provides a means to become an efficient typist.

The not so good: it may suit those who opt to type with one hand, for gaming purposes for example, rather than individuals who need to type single handedly due to a disability. It requires the use of accessibility features inbuilt in operating systems for those who need to type with one hand to be able to access all keyboard functionality.

The verdict: The TiPY keyboard is an interesting option for a single handed, all in one keyboard and mouse, for those looking for an ergonomic, wireless solution.

Cost: €305


  1. Hallo and thank you for your detailed review. I would like to clear up a few misunderstandings.
    The TiPY mouse is used with the index finger.
    All the usual key combinations are possible on TiPY without assistance and are actually specially created for this purpose. Every access to all keyboard functionality is available with one hand.
    One of the most frequently used key combinations “for logging into computers/accessing task manager” is used with two keys “Fn and Delete” as stated in the TiPY Shortcuts FAQs. More about this in

    Fun fact. Our youngest TiPY users are 9 years old and our oldest over 75 years old. TiPY is one size for all, like any other keyboard.

    I am happy to help out with any questions.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Matthaeus Drory

    1. Hi Mathew

      I only have use of one arm and use a conventional keyboard for my work. I’ve tried to order the TiPY on the website but there’s a problem with distribution saying preorder only. There’s no preorder option. Do you know of a way to order ?

      Appreciate your help.


  2. Hi I’m having difficulty ordering a TiPY, there is a 12 week delay, I’d appreciate any help in faster way or ordering & delivery please.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Martina,

      This is just a blog site with a review of the product. We are not tied in any way to the company. Contact the company directly with regard to ordering the keyboard or possibly one of their resellers.



  3. Hello, we (Trafford College Group, TCG) bought a TiPY and received it yesterday, can I ask:
    1. Does it work with Apple M1 Silicon MacBook Air? as we seem to trouble with Bluetooth and USB connections. But it seemed fine with an Apple iMac (Intel)
    2. Are the Number Keys supposed to light up with the Num Key is pressed?

    Many Thanks
    David Dowling AppleMac Tech Support.

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