Call Scotland AAC Wheel of Apps

Call Scotland have recently updated their AAC Wheel of Apps for iPads. A valuable resource when it was first released in 2014, and often cited as a good starting point for those eager to explore AAC apps, this reviewed list has had a few changes.

The apps contained in the wheel are tried and tested, and cover a broad range of AAC functionality, from basic, single message options, to complex text-based apps with added functionality. Apps were chosen based on their features, reliability, ongoing support, and inclusion of resources around how the app works. Some apps were dropped from the previous version and others added, to provide a comprehensive round-up of currently available AAC apps for iOS devices.

The wheel also now displays the symbol system used, so that users, who are transition from one system to another, can use a consistent symbol vocabulary. Other visual cues include the use of a red border around apps to indicate switch access; the inclusion of the letter “H” to indicate that head pointing was an access option; and a red asterisk to indicate if a free version of the app is available.

Another update is the inclusion of a category around PODD (Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display) Apps, a vocabulary organisation system based on communication function, and the wheel retains its Visual Scene Display category, where vocabulary is included in a scene-based layout.

In all, the upgraded Wheel of AAC apps is a welcome, comprehensive summation of the range of AAC apps available on the iTunes store on iOS devices, from an internationally recognised leader in the area of AAC.

CALL Scotland’s Gillian McNeill, demonstrates the range of AAC apps for learners with complex communication support needs, based on the newly updated iPad AAC App Wheel from CALL Scotland in the video recording below.

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