Handy and Handy Grip for COVID-19

The open-source tool to slow the spread of COVID-19

Matteo Zallio, visiting postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, ideated an open-source personal multipurpose tool that helps people establish healthy behaviour outside of their home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Matteo, a User Experience Researcher with a background in architecture and design, noticed how difficult was to open doors, press buttons and interact with objects in the public space since the spread of COVID-19.

The idea behind Handy multipurpose tool is to offer an open-source response to COVID-19 outbreaks, which is known to reportedly last on some surfaces for days.

Handy, a 3D-printed, personal device can be used every day to pull or push a door handle, to open the car door, to push a button and to easily grab grocery bags.

Having a personal multipurpose tool to avoid direct contact with handles, buttons, bags and other daily objects outside of our home, helps to increase hygiene and to lower chances of getting infected.

Handy can be 3D printed at home, printed via online 3D printing service, or for those who are creative manufactured by cutting and glueing layers of cardboard together and recently can be found online as a keychain version. https://www.matteozallio.com/handy

Recently Matteo Zallio developed Handy Grip, a multifunctional reusable glove for safe daily routines https://www.matteozallio.com/handygrip

Handy Grip is the perfect companion for who wants a reusable, environmental-friendly, personal solution to interact with doorknobs, handles, press buttons, hold bags, grasp the gas pump and much more.

Handy and Handy Grip, along with social distancing and other supporting devices will reduce the likelihood of spread of COVID-19. It will help people interact with daily routines without touching or getting too close to objects across public spaces.

Matteo Zallio

Palo Alto – June 15, 2020

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