Supporting AAC Users

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In this time of uncertainty, having access to communication is more important than ever, so that we can all stay informed, ask questions and ease anxieties. We’ve rounded up some of the support that AAC suppliers are offering currently, to support AAC users, their families and professionals. In addition to the below, all companies are offering phone and web support to users, and most are offering online webinars and training.

SafecareTechnologies are offering a 60 days free trial of Snap and Core, for both Windows  and iOS There are also CoronaVirus content pages that can be downloaded They are also still offering trails and loans of devices and ensuring that all equipment sent out is sanitised.

Smartbox has a few offers at present – As well as their usual 60 days free trial of the Grid 3 software, they are offering free copies of their software “Look to Read”, sign up at this link They also have some fantastic Coronavirus resources available for their Supercore users but are easily adapted for other users as well Virtual visits and support are also available.

HelpKidzLearn have 14 day free trials of most of their software and apps and have introduced a new low cost, monthly licence option for their Games and Activities and ChooseItMaker

Boardmaker has a 90 day trial of their Boardmaker Online, sign up here:

Liberator are offering 2 months free access to the AAC Language Lab

Tobii Dynavox also have fantastic low tech communication chart options for people who might be in hospital – available in symbol format  and text

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