Game Accessibility Guidelines

ggame accessible guidelines

Game Accessibility Guidelines is a web resource created to help developers create games which are more inclusive of disabled gamers. Although launched back in 2012 from the collaboration of a group of game developers, accessibility specialists and academics it has recently been awarded for promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities. The web resources invites constant feedback from gamers and developers in order to keep the guidelines inclusive and up-to-date.

An example of how to make games more inclusive is providing gamers with options such as a choice of difficulty level or being able to configure which button does what on your controller or providing support for assistive technologies such as switches and screen-readers.

Making games more inclusive is important. It can be a great contributor to the quality of life for a person with a disability as well as making economic sense within a growing industry.

Some useful resources around game accessibility can be found at

AbleGamers Foundation

Games Accessibility


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