Back to school 2020

The 2020 return to school is like no other and it’s giving us all plenty to think about.  For students, parents and teachers, everyone is looking and planning ahead to figure out how best to safely navigate school in the midst of Covid 19.  There are many resources and guides available for teachers and parents alike.  If you’re teaching infants or you’re in a SET position, you can hear Claire from Top Teaching Resources and Dee from the Playful Classroom as they discuss what infant classrooms are going to look like when we go back to school. They’ll also discuss SET and how that’s going to work.


Further information on these talks:

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For many children, the new school term will be the first time they have set foot in a classroom in over five months. Starting a new school year can present challenges under normal circumstances but this year children are also going to have to adjust to the new safe routines and procedures schools have worked hard to introduce in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This free toolkit from Widgit includes symbol materials to help parents support their children returning to school. Resources include social stories, planners, checklists and reward charts, emotional and wellbeing supports.  PLEASE SEE BACK TO SCHOOL PARENT TOOLKIT FOR FULL DETAILS.


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