Assistive Technology on Twitter: Who to follow? Where to go?

Twitter is very useful for following a specialist area. like AT For example, Karl O’Keeffe, (@electroat) AT and E Learning Specialist wtih our AT Team is particularly interested in Assistive Music Technology, AT for Arts, Gaming and all kinds of Emerging Tech, Open Source and DIY AT solutions.

If you want to use Twitter to support your AT learning and network , we suggest that you start with organisations, manufacturers, well-known bloggers or academics in the area. Often, these will not prove to be the best sources of information in themselves but by trawling through their followers (look at their previous tweets) you will find the right accounts to follow It might take a few weeks but by the time you are following about 50 people and organisations, if they are reasonably prolific tweeters you should have a stream of quality information in no time.

You will probably have to unfollow a few here and there (or if you don’t want to risk offending them you can just hide their tweets). Be ruthless, you will quickly get to know who is using twitter as a means of disseminating quality information on your subject of interest and who has it connected to their Fitbit;-)
If you are interested in using Twitter as an AT information source listed below are some of the people that we follow under general headings. If you are familiar with other useful Tweeters in AT, please share via the reply function on this blog post and/or via Twitter @atandme

General AT





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