Whole Screen Cause and Effect Apps for iPad

Cause and effect app Sensory MagmaWe often get asked for cause and effect apps requiring gross motor skills i.e. hit anywhere on screen, rather than on just a specific location. Below is a list of apps that either uses the whole screen as an activation area, or a large section of the screen, giving a high success rate.

These are free unless marked with asterix (*).

  • Peekaboo barn/ocean
  • Finger Piano ( or any Piano apps – there’s a funny Burp and fart piano!)
  • Make Shrek roar
  • Sensory iMeba/Magma/Electra
  • Finger paint with sounds
  • Five sharks swimming *
  • Five little Rock stars *
  • Five Aliens *
  • Five speckled frogs *
  • Big Bang Pictures/Patterns *
  • Splodge
  • Pocket Pond/Koi pond/fluid
  • Fluidity
  • Draw with stars
  • Hidden Grid *
  • Little gems Visual Scene
  • Cause and effect Sensory Light Box/sound box *
  • Fireworks123/I love fireworks
  • Colorful Rotating Bear
  • Random Touch *
  • iBlower range of apps i.e. snowflakes, butterflies, leaves, clouds etc. *
  • Heat pad
  • Sights and Sounds range i.e. cars, popcorn, ants *
  • KaleidoBalls free
  • Sensory just touch
  • Ratatap drums/bongos/congas/timpani etc.

Have you come across any others not on this list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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