User-friendly electronics enables anyone to create projects

littleBits Electronics sells various electronic kits that enable anyone—kids, parents, teachers, therapists, entrepreneurs, experts and amateurs to create solutions and innovative technologies.

No soldering, no programing, and no in depth knowledge of circuitry required. Parts are color coded by function (green-power, blue-output, pink-input, orange-wire) and connect via magnets to make it easy to build and create solutions and technologies.

There are various kits available including gizmos and gadgets, base kit, student set, hardware development kit, workshop kit, space kit, Arduino coding, cloudbit, smart home, as well as many others. Individual parts are also available for purchase to expand existing kit or replace parts.

Not sure what to do with a kit? No problem. There are hundreds of free, online electronic modules with step-by-step directions to create products including: holiday decorations, arcade games, classroom activities, child’s play, etc.


One particular kit with practical projects is the smart home kit, with many project modules including: SMS doorbell/answering machine, coffee control, laundry done alert, don’t leave home without it machine, wireless lighting, and remote pet feeding. Another useful kit is the gadget and gizmos or student kit that can provide teacher-friendly materials to engage students in creating, inventing and working with electronics/science.

In addition to kits to purchase, littleBits has created the bitLab that allows anyone that has an idea for hardware to submit their innovation for review. If a submission receives more than 1,000 votes, littleBits will actually prototype and produce the prototype for feasibility and manufacture product for purchase.

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