Touch Drive 2 Wheelchair Controller

For power wheelchair users who find the joystick controller difficult to use there are various other ways to control and drive a wheelchair.  Most of these alternatives are based around switches. Here is an interesting alternative to driving a powered wheelchair which I have recently got on loan.
The TouchDrive 2 is an alternative wheelchair controller from SwitchIt.  SwitchIt produce a range of proportional and non-proportional wheelchair controllers.  This one uses touchscreen technology to drive a power wheelchair.  It can be set-up on power wheelchairs that have P&G R-Net, Q-Logic/ Curtis and Dynamic DX electronics systems, which accounts for many power wheelchairs.

As its due back soon, I made a quick video to demonstrate it.

For more alternative ways to control a power wheelchair, see the following post


    1. Hi Mark, yes it’s a nice alternative to the joystick when a joystick is difficult to manage. I still think that the standard joystick however will still be a preferred option for most power wheelchair users. Maybe time will prove me wrong?

  1. the joystick was an early easy answer by people who dont use power wheelchairs. I would never ask for or prefer a joystick. They wear out easily and are too expensive to replace. The touch pad will hopefully replace joysticks and last longer.

    1. Hi Lyn, it’s a case of user preference whether a user will use a joystick or a touchpad, although cost may also be a factor. From trying the both inputs I feel the joystick feels a bit more natural. In terms of replacement, the touchpad currently is a lot more expensive (From $3845 Sunrise Medical now supply this product) compared to a few hundred for a joystick.

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