Proloquo2Go improves software in version 4


Proloquo2Go is a symbol-based communication app that promotes language development and communication skills for beginners and advanced users. This software program is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from AssistiveWare and has the ability to customize and edit for the individual as they grow their communication and vocabulary skills. Proloquo2Go boasts being the only AAC app utilizing vocabulary level activity and templates to support motor-planning that is easily fully customizable for the user. Since version four’s release date earlier this year, Proloquo2Go’s updates have further enhanced the software with new features including alternative access, core and activity templates, and multi-level vocabulary.

Proloquo2Go introduced five different scanning modes and alternative, accessible keyboards in previous versions. The biggest change for alternative access has been the addition of auditory scanning, which has the potential to help visually impaired users and users with poor attention and scanning. In addition, Select on release is an additional feature that helps users make a selection by allowing them to slide their finger onto different items being touched, but only the last item touched on release will be selected.

Proloquo2Go 4 also includes core templates and activity templates. The core templates keep core words in a consistent location. This new feature will help users develop motor planning skills when using the program and can help increase efficiency and learning. The activity templates offer a solution to activity specific pages that are used once with specific words and then never used again. The activity templates use the core vocabulary that appears, again, in a consistent place on the home page. Using an activity template, a user can create a folder with specifics to the activity that utilizes fringe vocabulary, but the core vocabulary remains in the same place which will make it easier for the user to locate items. The templates have themes such as create, motor play, out and about and reading. When utilizing activity templates, the user will be prompted to choose a category and the core words will be automatically populated.

Proloquo2Go 4 utilizes research-based Crescendo vocabulary that offers three levels of vocabulary: basic communication, intermediate core and advanced core. This new feature was created as a solution to only having one very basic and one very complex vocabulary system that made some users “stuck” in the middle. The basic communication level offers sentence starters and helps users develop communication skills for basic needs, making requests and simple commands. The advanced core is a complex system for those able to navigate vocabulary and subcategories to have complex communication skills. The intermediate core bridges the gap between these two vocabulary levels. Users have access to all core words and can begin to develop more complex sentences and communication utilizing customizable fringe words that have been reorganized to improve navigation and more manageable subcategories to adjust to a user’s needs.

The newest version of Proloquo2Go offers additional features such as improved grammar support, customizable grid sizes, folder sharing, regional vocabulary variants and snapback features. More information can be found on regarding new features, resources, and information about Proloquo2Go software.

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