Progress in the main stream – Netflix and audio description

For an increasing number of us, Netflix has totally changed the way we watch films, TV programmes, and series. Content is now available ‘on demand’ – so it’s ready for you any time, rather than just at a specified time in a TV guide.


So, what’s the connection with assistive technology, I hear you ask? Well, after a fair amount of campaigning by consumers, Netflix now offer Audio Description to make content more accessible for blind and vision-impaired people.


Audio description is a type of narration, which can be used in film, TV programmes, and even live theatre and other performing arts, to ‘fill in the gaps’ for someone who has a vision impairment. For example, here’s a little clip of the very popular Disney film ‘Frozen’, with audio description:


Netflix’s decision to include Audio Description has brought a whole new level of enjoyment to many popular series; on a personal note, it’s nice to abe able to chat to friends about the latest episode of House of Cards, knowing that I haven’t missed any visual plot points. I know Audio Description on TV isn’t a serious issue, far from it – but, to my mind, it’s another little step towards inclusion – and that can only be a good thing!



For more information on Audio Description provided on Netflix, see:

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