Pointing Magnifier

Screen shoot of Pointing Magnifier

Here is a nice magnifier which I have recently heard about.  For anyone who requires a screen magnifier for their computer it’s worth a look.  It works differently from most magnifiers in that the magnified section is obtained by a two stage process.   First the user places the cursor over the target area and then clicks any mouse button. This causes the area around the cursor to be magnified. While magnified, the user controls a standard mouse pointer inside the magnified area to preform click or drag within the magnified space.  After the user performs an action, the Pointing Magnifier returns to its original size.

For further information and download

Some other free options for display enhancements can be found at TechDis


  1. From the Pointing Magnifier’s creators: There is a new and much improved version of the Pointing Magnifier now, called the “Pointing Magnifier 2.” You can find it at: http://depts.washington.edu/acelab/proj/ptgmag/ . It has many new features and capabilities, which can be reviewed at: http://depts.washington.edu/acelab/proj/ptgmag/features.html. If you find this useful or have suggestions, please email us from the project web page!

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