SXH system

Next generation sensory room

SXH system

What is your vision of a sensory room?  A room with a soft mat, bean bags, bubble tubes, fibre optic lighting?  Switch everything on when someone wants to use the room?

Wouldn’t you like to see a little more thought as to how to control the room’s special lighting, music, and objects so that it can be more immersive?  How about a projection of a motorbike on the wall while you feel the vibrations in your cushion? Or a picture of an animal while you hear its name, or its sound? Or even a projection of a beach in a blue-coloured lit environment while you feel a breeze? Well, next-generation sensory rooms are here.

The SHX system developed by BJ Live allows all resources and solutions present in the room to act in coordination to create integral stimulation environments.  A single control system allows integration of all the interactive and multimedia element of the room.

The SHX system supports 2 projections as well as 4 vibroacoustic elements in the room.  There is a range of scenes provided by the SHX  control software, combinations of videos, images, noise, lighting, vibration or effects that can be customised to the user.

The good: The system allows you to control the level of stimulation and the method of interaction to adapt the space for each user.
The not so good: Needs time to set up a sensory room installation.
The verdict: With a range of scenes provided by the SHX control software, combinations of videos, images, noise, lighting, vibration or effects can be customised for any user child or adult.

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  1. Hi

    I have a space 3.8m x 2.75m x 2.6m High.
    Looking for an integrated sensory room design and system for children age 1 – 18.
    Location: Stara Zagora Bulgaria.

    Kind regards

    Richard Way
    00974 7023 7104

    1. Hi Richard,

      Try contacting BJLive. They are a company based in Barcelona and have some nice solutions for sensory rooms.
      You can contact them by phone:

      (+34) 932 850 437
      (+34) 935 535 634 – Fax
      Or by mail:



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