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Good news: NCBI and their EU partners have recently launched a website promoting digital inclusion: A core feature of this resource will be the creation of a network of digital champions: people who have particular experience and expertise in domains such as: digital literacy, workplace accessibility, workplace accessibility and much more. NCBI’s Mark Magennis has been in touch to ask us to help promote this resource widely in the health, education and employment sectors. We now invite you to visit the site and share it with your colleagues/fellow AT users. This is a great opportunity to create a network of champions who can assist one another in very real and practical ways to become more confident technology users.

One of the things we struggle with is the need to support one another when real issues arise, rather than offering support according to a training calendar/diary. This website is a step in that direction and I hope that you will find it useful. I hope that you might be in a position to take an active role in championing effective technology use in your particular area of expertise. Ultimately, has the potential for the whole to be so much more than the sum of its parts. For further information, why not check out NCBI’s Mark Magennis whose video outlines the main benefits and features of the site right here:


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