Mounting Tablets using Ram Mounts

There are various modular mounting systems available to mount portable device onto wheelchairs.  For example you can use Daessy, Stem, Rehadapt, Mobilia or Mount’n Mover to build customised solutions to meet your needs.

Another mounting system that is more associated with mounting tablets and phones into cars and motor cycles can also be considered to mount these devices onto wheelchairs frames.

Some of the Ram Mounts parts used within the video are the,

X-Grip I, X-Grip-II and X-Grip III,
Double socket short arm for 1″ ball
Long double socket arm for 1″ ball
Flex arm 9″ long with NPT thread
6″ long pipe with NPT tread
Windshield mount base
Small tough clamp
Double U-Bolt base
1″ ball base with 1/4″ -20 threaded hole
1″ ball camera base with 1/4″ -20 threaded stud

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