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The last year has been an incredibly challenging time for people as we have
all had to adapt to a new way of living and going about our daily lives and
routines. One of the advantages of working in Safe Care Technologies is we get
to see and experience first-hand how people have greatly benefited from Assistive
Technology during these challenging times. Whether someone has used a new
joystick to access a computer, learned how to communicate using AAC or has found
a piece of software that helps them access their Zoom fitness class, we have
seen some incredible people achieve some incredible things.

Sometimes people just need a bit of a helping hand to get up and running or
become more aware of what options are available to them so for that reason we
want to demonstrate how easy AT can be to use, in fact, how it can be learnt
over lunch while having a Ham Sandwich!

The ‘Ham Sandwich Series’ is a free workshop, where product experts from Safe
Care will provide users with various tips and tricks on how to get up and
running with assistive technology in just 20 minutes. These workshops have been
made flexible for individuals at all levels of assistive technology
proficiency: parents, children, therapists, and teachers to enhance their level
of understanding.

Every block of workshops run for a period of 5 days, 20 minutes each day.
Anyone attending the entire course (5 days) will be certified as proficient in
the technology.

Following are the first 4 workshops that will be training individuals on
communication software and mounting solutions:

Snap Core First: Designed to be the easiest to use,
most intuitive, and consistently arranged communication solution available on
the market.

Boardmaker 7: World’s leading symbol-based special
education solution. Supporting learning and communication with customizable
material, including access to over 45,000 Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS).

Communicator 5: Comprehensive text and symbol-based AAC
solution offering efficient, flexible communication for people with a wide
range of language disabilities.

Readapt Solutions: mounts range from Wheelchair mounts,
table mounts and floor stands and can connect all types of devices from iPads,
smart phones, AAC devices, joysticks and much more.

for the above workshops are open now here

Also if you have any suggestions or areas of Assistive Technology you would
like to see as part of the Ham Sandwich Series please do get in touch at hello@safecaretechnologies.com

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