This is a GEWA One remote control.  It consists of a mobile phone with the Gewa one app and a Bluetooth interface box.

The GEWA One is a remote control that helps you manage equipment in your home. You can control the TV, music system, receiver for lamps, door phone and automatic doors.  In order to keep in touch, you have the opportunity to call and text with the GEWA One.  You customize how pages and buttons should appear.

You can navigate around with the touch screen, or with an external connected switch.

To help the user find the right button, symbols, colours and voice recordings can be used. 

With the myAbilia web service, you can make configurations and adjustments on the device remotely, as a complement to doing it directly on the device.

The Gewa One does not allow you to control other apps on the phone.  However, Abilia also produces the Gewa Connect that allows you to control equipment in your home as well as other apps on your mobile device.

In Ireland, the Gewa One is available from Safecare Technologies for €1,935.00

The good: Easy to setup

The not so good: Very expensive for just a remote control and phone. 

The verdict: If you need a simple infra-red remote to set up and support remotely this is a solution to consider.

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