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Free and low-cost online Assistive Technology (AT) courses

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Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day Enable Ireland National Assistive Technology Training Service offer several free and low-cost courses on our EnableIrelandAT Learning Portal. These courses are self-directed, so ideal for jumping in and out when you have some free time. To access these courses, you just need to create an account on our Moodle based learning platform. Below is a short outline of some available courses. If you are logged into the learning platform the links will bring you directly to the courses, otherwise you will be brought to a sign in page.

AT in Education Courses

AT in Primary Education

This short course was developed for teachers, special needs assistants (SNA), parents or anybody working within primary education. This is where to start if you are new to the world of Assistive Technology and is an ideal primer for the more comprehensive Learning with AT course below. Upon completion participants will gain a good foundational knowledge of the areas where AT can benefit pupils as they begin their education journey. It is free to access, and it takes approximately 1 hour to cover all the learning content. You will then get the opportunity to test your learning by completing the short quiz and if successful, you will be awarded the prestigious Assistive Technology in Primary Education Level 1 Badge.

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Learning with Assistive Technology: Primary Education

Assistive Technology (AT) can be the key to some learners’ success within education. An early and positive experience with AT in Primary Education will equip learners with the skills and attitudes they will need as they progress through second level and beyond. Building on the foundation laid by the AT in Primary Education course, this course goes much deeper and is aimed at anyone with an interest in harnessing digital technologies to support children in becoming expert learners. This is an extensive self-directed course that takes approximately 12 hours to complete. There is a €50 enrolment fee.

If you are the parent of a child with a disability who might benefit from AT, we invite you to use the code below to get 50% off the cost of this course.  We trust that this reduced fee only be used solely by parents to access this course.

Parent 50% reduction code: iOyeB6Rf

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This course is aimed at anybody either working or participating in Second or Third Level Education. It covers a wide range of tools, both specialist and mainstream technologies to support literacy, productivity, and organization.

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AT for Creative Expression Short Courses

Art & Photography

In this short course we suggest some technologies that will enable people with disabilities to access, engage and create art through media like painting or drawing, photography, video or animation.

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Leisure & Gaming

Leisure and gaming can sometimes be overlooked when considering the needs of an individual. But it can be an important part of a young person’s development and help enable inclusion into society. This module looks at how we can make leisure time and gaming more inclusive to a wide range of abilities. There are now many options for accessible toys, game consoles and switch adapted toys. The module covers a sample of these options with some suggested links for further reading.

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Music: Listen, Create, Share

Music is an accessible means of creative expression for all abilities. Even the act of passively listening to music engages the brain in the creative process. In this short course we will look at some mainstream and specialist hardware and software that can help facilitate creative musical expression.

Access the Music: Listen, Create, Share Course

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