Finding wheelchair accessible Transport

accessible taxiFinding wheelchair accessible transport at any time has been always been known to be difficult, especially last-minute when you could be stuck out somewhere. Below are two resources that will make finding an accessible transport less challenging. is a recently launched Dublin based company which was started with the aim to make it easier for a disabled person to source all forms of wheelchair accessible transport.

Its web search facility allows you to find all forms of accessible transport such as Taxi, Hired taxi, minibus, coach or wheelchair accessible boat.  You can search the listings in your area to find the transport which best suits your wheelchair needs. Pictures as well contact details of the accessible transport are presented within the listings. Users can also read reviews of the transport service placed by other users.



Hailo is based on using an app on your phone to get a taxi wherever you are. The app is available for iPhone and Android Phone. Although the service is growing it is at the moment limited to the main cities around Ireland. Within Dublin Hailo have over 100 wheelchair accessible taxis. If you require an accessible taxi, you first need to install the app on your phone. Within the app,

  1. Go to your ‘Account’ and tap ‘Options’.
  2. Tick the box beside ‘Wheelchair Accessible’.
  3. Go back to your Hailo home screen and tap ‘Pick Me Up Here’ as normal to hail your cab.

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