Finding available accessible parking spaces

Map showing accessible parking spots in Limerick city

Getting live data can be very useful in daily life.  From finding out when the next bus is due to finding which ecars charge space is available.  Although we have had maps such as Disabled Parking Spaces – Datasets –

showing all disabled parking spaces in Dublin Fingal there was never any live data on whether a space was occupied or not.  Recently Limerick City and County Councils have installed new parking sensors which provide real time information to drivers on accessible parking space availability and location.  The SpaceFinder app, which is available on Apple and Android, can now pinpoint available accessible spaces so that disabled drivers no longer need to search for accessible parking bays, only to find them occupied. 

This service is now supported by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) and is something you could ask your own local authority to consider using the SpaceFinder service.

Do you need a Disabled Person’s Parking Card?

The good:  Welcome service that will make finding accessible parking much easier: in Limerick

The not so good: Not available throughout the country yet

The verdict: This will make driving more accessible for disabled drivers.

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