Find it yourself? Ask Sara

AskSaraHere is an interesting website that helps anyone find useful advice and products that make daily living easier.

How it works

  1. Choose the topic you wish to look at from within Health, Household activities or Daily activities
  2. Respond to the questions based on your selection
  3. Then you obtain a report back.

The site says that the report contains advice written by occupational therapists that provide details of products that might help you. The information within the report is impartial to any product or supplier and aims to include details of every product on the market.

I have chosen a few topics to have a look at and have found the reports do provide useful guidance towards a solution.  Some of the topics are a little hidden within the limited headings.  I have also found it a bit limiting on the range of technologies it suggest that may help.

However it does promote users to initiate and consider products to meet their own needs and so is a good step in the right direction.

AskSARA is advice tool developed by national charity the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) and provide a UK based equipment library.

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