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In Census 2016 in Ireland, the population aged 65 years and over increased by 102,174 to 637,567 (19.1%).  Some interesting facts about our population are that we are living longer and our average age is increasing. 

With health pandemics such as COVID-19, we have seen a great need for easy to use communication technologies to keep in touch with our senior family members in isolation.  It is essential that these technologies are accessible and removing some of the wide variety of features that come as standard on many mobile phones is a way to make the phone accessible.  Below is a selection of new easy to use mobile apps.  At the moment there is no unexpected fee, nor any advertisements and no data appears to be collected.

Easy Mobile Phone

Unique Perspectives Limited

Screen shot of Easy mobile phone app

Easy Mobile Phone replaces the default Dialer and Home screen apps with a simple to use interface. It is intended for people who just want to make and receive phone calls and do not want to interact with any other apps on their device. It is ideal for elderly people and those with cognitive issues. The settings button in the status bar allows a carer to access the phones apps to adjust settings and add or edit contacts. If WhatsApp is installed on it is possible to choose between making ordinary GSM or WhatsApp calls. Other features include auto-answer, speaker-phone, a simple dialer and a movement sensor to wake the phone without having to press the power button.

The good:  Large easy to use buttons

The not so good: Cannot text or use any other apps

The verdict: Ideal for elderly people and those with cognitive issues

Download here

Simple Mode

Shenzhen UFO Technology Co., Limited

Screen shots of Simple Mode app

With the Simple Mode app, you can use your smartphone without the huge array of settings and unwanted features.  The Simple mode launcher allows you to:
– Select your favourites contacts.  Access contacts by swiping to the left.
– Choose the apps you use the most to launch them quickly.  Favourite’s apps can be customized within settings.
– Change some basic phone settings at a glance

The good:  Simplifies the phone dialler and access to apps.

The not so good:  The apps are not simplified once they are launched.

The verdict:  Suitable for elderly people and those with cognitive issues who easy access to the phone dialler and apps.

Download here

Indistractable Launcher – The minimalist launcher

Phone showing Inditractable simple phone launcher app

Indistractable is a simple phone launcher, intending to eliminate clutter and unwanted distraction.  The launcher is text-based rather than using icons or pictures.  The Inbuilt tasks – quickly access your tasks for the day.  By swiping to the left you can access all of your apps.  There is an option for light and dark mode.

The good:  Minimalist design, inbuilt tasks is a nice option.

The not so good: It doesn’t simplify making a telephone call.

The verdict:  It’s just a simple launcher of apps and too limited.

Download here

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