Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus for touchscreens

Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus

Product Details

Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus for Touch Screen – Created by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt

What to google:

Cosmonaut wide Grip Stylus for touch screen


 €35 /£25

Where can I buy:

Inclusive technology –

What is the product:

It’s a stylus for touch screen devices. Can be used for tablet access, writing and drawing.

Who is product for:

This product is for all ages. The large barrel has a comfortable grip which is great for children’s smaller hands, but also works great for adults who may find a smaller stylus hard to manipulate and hold. Because it works straight from the box and doesn’t require additional software or batteries, there is no setup or training ,so great for all ages.

Where /When to use this product

This product is super responsive so could be used in any environment for any activity that involves using a touch screen tablet, be it for communication, work or leisure. It comes in a barrel shaped package that will fit neatly into your handbag/ school bag or even your jacket pocket. Useful for drawing, writing or just general touch screen access anywhere.

Who will benefit from this the most?

Speaking from experience I was looking for a touch screen access solution for someone who had a tremor and was finding regular stylus use challenging. We had tried large stylus, T-Bar stylus, making a stylus, but all seemed to be missing something. I came across Cosmonaut on Inclusive Technology and decided to purchase it. It is not the perfect solution but it comes in pretty close. Because of its design it feels and weighs similar to a whiteboard marker. The rubber texture on the barrel gives the user a good grip and the dimensions suited the end user I trailed it with perfectly. The fact that it is a little heavier than a standard stylus also helped with the tremor. The combination of the design, size and weight gave the end user more control over their hand control. The numbers speak volumes. End user accuracy increased by 50% over a six-month period. We are now using it for letter formation on the tablet. Impressive don’t you think? Of course it’s not all down to the stylus; it is mostly through end user determination and consistent repetition and practice, plus they like using it. However, since trying this stylus we finally feel like we are making progress. The end user and I conclude that it works well for people who may have a weak grip or have difficulty with manipulating a smaller stylus.


  1. This is a simple product that does exactly what it says.
  2.  It’s no fuss set up and size makes it suitable for all ages.
  3. Worked really well for the person I worked with.

CONS: My thoughts  

  1. It is expensive for a product that is just a stylus.
  2. On research prior to purchase, I found reviews reporting it does not work well with some iPad models and with some screen protectors

However, I used it on an iPad Air 2 (without screen protector) and I experienced no problems.

To buy or not to buy??

Although I think it’s a pricey, overall a good product and a good solution for us. I would give  it a 4/5  

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