Assistance for limited or missing hand function

Gripability is a company that produces a range of products to assist an individual with limited or missing hand function.  The products assist with the handing of any small object such as a cup, wine glass, cutlery or pen etc. This enables a wide active participation for the individual with a disability in everyday situations in the private, school or working environments.

The Gripability e3 consists of a electro pneumatic  grip that can be  attached to the hand or any other part of the body to suit the user.  The user activates the grip with a switch.

The Gripability xhand is a non-moving  electro pneumatic device for griping , holding or positioning objects.  It is mounted to a frame that can be easily adjusted to suit the individual’s needs.  These types of aids can help to facilitate an “I can” attitude.

See the video below for more information


  1. About 8 months ago I tore all the ligaments in my wrist but my hand was still functional. Yesterday they all completely severed and I’m trying to learn how to do things like putting on clothes or cutting a steak. Just need some assistance to learn how to do these things. Putting on clothes is just more difficult but cutting a steak is damn near impossible until I learn how to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated obviously using talk

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