Apps for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Today, we are posting part one of a two-part series on Apps for people with Autism. Today’s blog post focuses on apps that might appeal to adults, looking at schedulers and timers, creating positive habits and tracking moods and overstimulation. Thursday’s post will focus on apps more suitable for children, in particular Alternative and Augmentative Communication, visual schedules, social stories and social skills apps. As always, we welcome your comments!

Developing habits/routines


HabitRPG logo

HabitRPG Habit building and productivity app that uses gamification to motivate. Collect points for completing good habits and avoiding bad habits.

iOS and Android

Free to download, in app purchases


Routinely logo

Establish, track, understand, and be more mindful of your daily routine. Set goals for each of the tasks and habits that make up your day, and then track your completion of those goals. Can send you notifications to remind you to complete your goals, and provides a history view to review past days.

iOS only  

Free to download


Todoist logo

Acts as a checklist, organiser, calendar, reminder and habit-forming app. Can be shared with others for joint projects, integrated with other apps such as Dropbox and Alexa.

iOS and Android

Free, premium versions available.

Work Autonomy

Work Autonomy logo

Designed to assist with person-generated communication with co-workers and supervisors regardless of linguistic or cognitive skill, tracking task analysis and work schedules independently, and allowing access to concrete information about work expectations, production etc.,

iOS only

Paid app, approximately €190

Visual Timers

Visual Timer

Visual Timer logo

A simple visual timer that uses a clock face and a countdown bar to show the time left. Colour changes to orange and red when time is running out.

iOS only

Approximately €2.50

Time Timer

Time Timer logo

A simple visual timer, to create and save timers for tasks you do everyday, as well as one off timers. Can alarm or vibrate to show when time has expired.

iOS and Android

Approximately €4

Student apps

Pocket Schedule Planner logo

Pocket Schedule Planner

Helps keep track of classes, exams and assignments. Can use colour and icons for at a glance information.

iOS only

Subscription based, from €2 per week, €13 per year

MyStudyLife logo


Timetabling and scheduling app. Cross platform, free for students, but schools can pay for cross school access. Uses checklists, colour coding etc.

iOS, Android, Web


myHomework Student Planner

Simple interface to track classes, assignments, homework and exams. Cross platform. Can link with to download notes, files etc. Can receive homework reminders.

iOS, Android, Windows and web apps

Free and premium versions (€5.00 per year)

Mood trackers

MoodPanda logo


Track your moods using graphs and calendars. Community aspect to offer support and advice

iOS, Android and web


T2 Mood Tracker

Designed to help users track their emotions over time. It comes with six pre-installed areas, including Anxiety, Depression, Well-Being, and Stress. Users can also add and customize additional scales.

iOS and Android


Managing Over Stimulation

Miracle Modus logo

Miracle Modus

                Designed to help with sensory overload, by providing strong visual stimuli that move in predictable patterns.

iOS and Android  



Creae minimalist melodies for relaxation purposes

iOS only


Sensory apps logo

Sensory apps

Range of sensory apps to help with relaxation and overstimulation.

iOS, Android, Web, Chrome



An interactive fluid simulation, control fluid flow and stunning colours with fingers.

iOS only        Free

Relax Melodies logo

Relax Melodies

Melody and white noise app.

iOS and Android

Free to download, in-app purchases


Headspace logo


A meditation and mindfulness app. Designed to guide the user through narrated sessions to focus on relaxation and help cope with stress and anxiety.
iOS, Android and online


Mind shift

Designed to help you change how you think about anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it. Learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps.
iOS and Android

Breathe2Relax logo


A stress management tool, with guided breathing exercises using diaphragmatic breathing, can connect to an Apple Watch to monitor heart rate during exercises.
iOS and Android

Focus@Will logo


A white noise app with a large inventory of sounds and music to help with distractions or relaxation. Designed for those with ADD in mind, but useful to others as well.
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web apps
Subscription based, free trial, approximately €50 per year, €180 for lifetime membership


I can’t wake up! Alarm Clock

I can’t wake up! Alarm Clock logo

Have to solve a puzzle or maths problem in order to turn off the alarm.
iOS and Android
Free to download, in-app purchases

Emergency communication

Emergency chat logo

Emergency chat

The app presents a splash screen that explains to the person you gave your device to that you can’t use speech at this moment. It then continues to the next screen which has a simple chat client. The default text is aimed at people experiencing an autistic meltdown, where their speech centres stay non-functional for a while even after they’ve recovered, but you can edit it or add additional splash screens to suit your needs.
iOS, Android, Windows app,

Way Finding

Route4U logo


Accessibility mobile app and route-planner for safer mobility around the world. Content is generated by users.
Ios, Android and web app Free


  1. None of this is helpful. I need alarms, many alarms to remind me of when it is time to do something else. Alarms with pretty sounds like birds or ocean or rain. Different sounds tells me what I am supposed to do next. Not horrid sounds that make you have headaches or wanting to stick your fingers in your ears and makes you want to cry.

    This is from my granddaughter who is an autistic teenager. She struggles with various things that all evolve around time frames. However, she is not functioning enough to use any of the items you have listed.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tiya. I’m sorry you didn’t find any of the suggestions here useful for your your Granddaughter. If she is using any apps or services not included here that she finds useful please let us know, we’d love to include them.
      Kind regards,

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