Action Blocks for Android: making your phone easier to use

Action Blocks for Android app logo

Over 630 million people in the world have a cognitive disability.  Enabled by the Google Assistant, Action Blocks is helping people simplify interactions on their Android phone. With a simple tap, Action Blocks lets you quickly message a family member, watch a movie, check your schedule for the day, and more.

Google Assistant is artificial intelligence software developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Users can use Google Assistant through their voice, to search the Internet, schedule events and alarms, etc.

Action Blocks can be configured to do anything the Assistant do, in just one tap.  This is a physical way to touch the screen rather than using your voice to access Google Assistant.

Action Blocks can be used for people with learning difficulties, or may also be useful for anyone who could benefit from an easier way to perform routine actions on their device. 

Further information on the play store

The good: Easy to setup

The not so good: Limited actions to what Google Assistant can do

The verdict: It provides an easy and fast way for an Android touch screen user to access Google Assistant.

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