Access Firefox

Big button feature on Firefox

Firefox from the Mozilla Foundation is one of a number of browsers that you can use for viewing the World Wide Web on desktops and on mobile devices.  Other popular browsers are Google Chrome, Windows Explorer, Safari and Opera.  They all have accessible features but Firefox in particular has a wide range of very useful Accessibility tools and resources for Firefox end users with disabilities.

Some of these accessibility features come preinstalled with Firefox that will allow you to further customize the way that web pages are presented to you.  Firefox Accessibility Features

There are some very good Firefox accessibility extensions also.  These extensions are programs that extend the functionality of Firefox such as having a web page read out to you or allow you to fully manipulate a web page’s appearance to meet your needs. Firefox Accessibility Extensions

Finally Firefox accessibility themes are skins that change the appearance of Firefox.  The themes may be helpful for individuals with visual impairments. There are high and low contrast themes, and themes with extra large icons and buttons and with large bold text.  Firefox Accessibility Themes

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