NeedUNow App – A Review

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Need U Now (Developed by In-Telligent REF: is a mobile phone App designed to help phone users to connect to each other when they need to!

Its main function connects two (or more if a subscription is purchased) phone users with each other, bypassing a phone’s silent / do not disturb settings once both phones have an account in place and are “paired” to contact with each other– allowing the App to send a typed (SMS like message) or a direct SOS message to its destination.

Installing the App is straight forward. Once you download the App from your phone’s Store, opening the App brings you to the registration page requiring only a name (or nickname), country and your number. On the first run, it does ask for permissions to send a message – after that, you’re ready to send your first message after pairing to another account.

Pairing is simple and once the App is up and running on the phone, a contact is added through the sharing of a unique 8 digit number with the partner device.

The App is available for both Android (REF: and Apple (REF: users with its developer claiming that it works equally as well across newer and older models e.g. 4-5 years “old”. It also works across platforms to Apple Users can contact their Android friends / family.

NeedUNow: PROs

  • Easy to setup
  • Simple screen interface to use & to navigate around.
  • Overrides the “Silent” & “Do not Disturb” settings on the phone of your contact
  • SOS feature – double touch on the screen with the App running.
  • iOS and Android versions – and works between them.
  • Free to use (if only a single contact is required)
  • Only requires minimum amount of info – name (or nickname), number and a country code, to set up.
  • Secure – unique code needed to pair contacts.
  • Claims to works on older phones / platforms from 4-5 years ago – feature not tested.  


  • Like all Apps or Mobile phones, these services should only be seen as a supplementary support at times of emergency (dead battery).
  • Touch access required to access unless accessible software / tools are already in place on the phone.
  • Price plan required if you have > 1 contacts in your list
  • Requires both sender and receiver to have a mobile phone though both do not need to be on the same platform i.e. can operate between Android and iPhone.

Finally, check out the alternatives: Mobile phone manufacturers have features in their phones which when setup, can be used at times of emergency (on top of ringing 112 / 999). See Settings – Advanced Features – Send SOS messages for Samsung Users and for Apple, see for similar supports.

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