Using the DX-ECU to control your environment

Have you even wanted to control your TV, computer or any other piece of equipment from your power wheelchair? The DX-ECU is an optional module for power wheelchairs which have DX Dynamic Controls. This module provides a way to control external devices to the power wheelchair, typically a communication machine, environmental control unit, or even a computer. These devices can be controlled through your wheelchair joystick or other input device.
Have a look at the video below to learn more.

If you have queries on what is available for your power wheelchair why not ask your wheelchair supplier or occupational therapist?

Touch Drive 2 Wheelchair Controller

For power wheelchair users who find the joystick controller difficult to use there are various other ways to control and drive a wheelchair.  Most of these alternatives are based around switches. Here is an interesting alternative to driving a powered wheelchair which I have recently got on loan.
The TouchDrive 2 is an alternative wheelchair controller from SwitchIt.  SwitchIt produce a range of proportional and non-proportional wheelchair controllers.  This one uses touchscreen technology to drive a power wheelchair.  It can be set-up on power wheelchairs that have P&G R-Net, Q-Logic/ Curtis and Dynamic DX electronics systems, which accounts for many power wheelchairs.

As its due back soon, I made a quick video to demonstrate it.

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