Mounting mobile phones and tablets

green plastic mount supporting mobile phone at a 70 degree angle

When we use technology we need to be able to position it so that it is easy to use. We need to be able operate the controls and have it positioned so that we can see it without eyestrain.  Sometimes it’s useful to mount a device, as our hands may be tied up doing something else; the device may be too heavy or we may even have a limited ability to reach, grasp, or hold the device.

Some of the most common items we use are mobile phones and tablets.  There are various mounting options available.  The suitability of a mount depends on various factors such as the fixing clamp, where you intend to mount the device, weight of device to be mounted, the reach and adjustability of the mount etc.

Mounting systems are generally composed of a (i)fixing clamp to mount either to a flat table top surface or a circular tubing, (ii) an adjustable arm usually no longer that 500mm (iii) some kind of attachment or cradle to hold the device.

Below are two mounting systems which may offer you some good solutions.  Ram mounts are a mainstream supplier of mounts for electronic devices within cars, bikes and trucks.  Rehadapt on the other hand, have a range of mounting products to serve clients with “special needs”. Both systems consist of a fixing clamp, adjustable arm and a cradle to hold the device.

Ram mount

In choosing a fixing clamp you need to consider the surface you are fixing it to: do you need to remove clamp often? Will the clamp be secure?  Below are two clamps however their site  offers more options.

RAM Small Tough-Claw™ with B Size 1″ Diameter Rubber Ball

RAM Small Tough-Claw™ with B Size 1" Diameter Rubber Ball$33.49

RAM Rail Base with B Size 1″ Ball. Zinc Coated U-Bolt for Rails fro…

RAM Rail Base with B Size 1" Ball. Zinc Coated U-Bolt for Rails from 0.5" to 1.25" in Diameter



The Ram mount arms consist of various length double socket arms as well as solid and gooseneck poles that can be joined together with an adaptor.

RAM Short Double Socket Arm for B Size 1″ Balls

RAM Short Double Socket Arm for B Size 1" Balls$13.99

RAM Double Socket Arm for B Size 1″ Balls

RAM Double Socket Arm for B Size 1" Balls$13.99

RAM Medium Double Socket Arm, Dual Extension with Ball Adapter for …

RAM Medium Double Socket Arm, Dual Extension with Ball Adapter for B Size 1" Balls$39.49

At the end of the arm we need to attach the device.  Ram mounts offer various cradles for specific tablets as well as universal type options.

RAM Universal X-Grip® Cell/iPhone Cradle

RAM Universal X-Grip® mobile phone Cradle $27.99

RAM Universal X-Grip® Large Phone/Phablet Cradle

RAM Universal X-Grip® for a Large Phone or Phablet Cradle$31.49

RAM Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 10″ Large TabletsRAM Universal X-Grip® Cradle for various 10 inch Large Tablets$76


The good: It’s reasonably priced, with lots of component options.

The not so good: Not designed for wheelchair mounting, so you’re limited to where it can be fitted onto a wheelchair.

The verdict: A good option for anyone on a tight budget.


Rehadapt has a large range of fixing clamps that will do for nearly every wheelchair.  They also have adjustable clamp options such as this one below, although they don’t fit on as securely.


Light 3D table mount with two tubes and three joints with lever

L3D-WC 1AK  and  L3D-WC 2AK

Rehadapt L3D-WC 1AK and L3D-WC 2AK

Light 3D wheelchair mount with one tube and one joint with screw.  The L3D-WC 2AK is a two pole version of this.  You can state the required wheelchair clamp on order.  Combine with any cradle with REHAdapt’s Spigot Link System (SLS).


Onto the end of the REHAdapt’s Spigot Link System, there a various options.  Some universal cradles are below.

L3D-GA-Universal Phone Holder M

Rehadapt L3D-GA-Universal Phone Holder M

Device adapter with Spigot Link System (SLS) for mounting Mobile Phone Medium 62-77mm * -14mm (2 1/2″-3″ * -1/2″) to REHAdapt´s Light 3D system.


Rehadapt have a new universal cradle for mounting tablets of various sizes

GA Universal Tablet Mount

adjustable tablet holder for mounting any tablet from between 7” and 13″ to a wheelchair with Rehadapt’s Universal Device Socket (UDS).
Rehadapt Universal Tablet Mount with tablet inserted

Adjustable tablet holder for mounting any tablet from between 7” and 13″ to a wheelchair with Rehadapt’s Universal Device Socket (UDS). The tablet mount works with Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets, with and without without protective cases.

The good: It looks good. Lots of component options and excellent for mounting onto a wheelchair.

The not so good: Expensive component parts.

The verdict: A very secure mounting system.

Virtual Mounting

When using portable devices we may need them mounted to position them in an optimal position for our use. Mounting can improve the view of a device and make it easier to operate its controls especially where the ability to reach, grasp or interact with physical objects may be limited.

Rehadapt now offer a Virtual Mounting Solution.  This is a new service of customizing their mounting systems to the specific characteristics of the individual.

First take a number of pictures from different angels of the location where mount is needed. Then note details of the make and model of the wheelchair, details of the device or switch to be used, which side it is to go on and any other requirements. Email all off to the service.

Virtual mounting system

Rehadapt will then send back to you, a proposal of the mounting configuration including a superimposed image and a list of all parts needed.

LITE MOUNT from Daessy

Daedalus Technologies have been in the mounting business for a long time now. Their main product is the Dassey mounting system which is well designed and versatile. This mounting system has a wide range of brackets, device adaptor plates and connecting bars that will fit most communication machines onto various wheelchairs. Although still a good option for mounting it was initially designed when communication aids were heavier than they are now. For example, the old Dynavox 3100 weighed 2.12kg or the IBM’s ThinkPad laptop weighed 2.09kg. However now the new iPad Air2 weighs just 437g which is less than a quarter the weight of previous devices.
Now Daedalus Technologies have a new mounting system out called LITE MOUNT. The new Lite Mount is specifically designed for lightweight devices such as iPads, Tablets and Switches. It is available in 2 versions, Adjustable and Indexed.

Litemount AdjustableThe LiteMount Adjustable consists of a round frame clamp to fit onto the wheelchair frame, adjustable balljoints, various length tubes and a quick-release base. The balljoints have an easy handle adjustment and the round frame clamp can fit to either 1” round frames or onto tubing ⅞”, ¾”, 22mm & 20mm using sleeves.

It has an overall length of 28 inches and is suitable for devices up to 1.5kg.




Litemount Indexed

The LiteMount Indexed consists of a round frame clamp, 2 indexed (hirth-coupling) adjustable joints, various length tubes and a quick-release base. The indexed joints can be adjusted using an Alan key to change positioning. Again the round frame clamp can fit to 1” round frames and also onto tubing ⅞”, ¾”, 22mm & 20mm using sleeves. It is suitable for devices up to 2kg.

Note: using the mount as a switch mount you need to change the quick release fitting to a switch fitting.

Suppliers Daedalus Technologies , Mounts and More and Techcess

Mounting Tablets using Ram Mounts

There are various modular mounting systems available to mount portable device onto wheelchairs.  For example you can use Daessy, Stem, Rehadapt, Mobilia or Mount’n Mover to build customised solutions to meet your needs.

Another mounting system that is more associated with mounting tablets and phones into cars and motor cycles can also be considered to mount these devices onto wheelchairs frames.

Some of the Ram Mounts parts used within the video are the,

X-Grip I, X-Grip-II and X-Grip III,
Double socket short arm for 1″ ball
Long double socket arm for 1″ ball
Flex arm 9″ long with NPT thread
6″ long pipe with NPT tread
Windshield mount base
Small tough clamp
Double U-Bolt base
1″ ball base with 1/4″ -20 threaded hole
1″ ball camera base with 1/4″ -20 threaded stud