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29 August GRID 3 Training

Grid 3 software empowers people with disabilities to communicate and control their environment

12th September  Scanning Pens Demo

The C-Pen ExamReader & C-Pen ReaderPen are revolutionary in the Assistive Technology world. These portable devices are fast becoming an important part of classroom literacy in Ireland.

19 September Clicker 7 Training

The complete literacy toolkit. Clicker 7 includes all the tools children need to succeed.

Foundations is AT

Course: Foundations in Assistive Technology 2019

This course is accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology, through their Faculty of Engineering, and 2019 sees us celebrating the nineteenth year of its existence, with over 350 graduates now working with Assistive Technology in health, education and employment.

10/03/2020: Day 1 Foundations in Assistive Technology

08/04/2020: Day 2 Foundations in Assistive Technology

29/04/2020: Day 3 Foundations in Assistive Technology

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